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Hi-Rise Patios

Hi-rise patios can be appealing places to kick back and enjoy nature. It’s no secret why so many condos and beach houses come with a hi-rise patio—for many people, it’s one of the most attractive features of these units, offering a convenient area to enjoy the sights and sounds of the neighborhood. But unless these areas are maintained properly, they will suffer wear and tear from prolonged use, which can harm their value. Durabak 18 is a non-slip coating that can be used on hi-rise patios to help preserve their beauty.

A durable quick-drying polyurethane protective coating, Durabak 18 is easy to apply with a brush, roller, or spray gun. Once it has dried, it forms an impermeable waterproof membrane that does not flake, chip, or peel, even after years of use. It is also UV-resistant, providing long-term defense against sun damage. With seventeen standard colors available in both textured and smooth types, it’s easy to find a coating that suits your personal style. This coating bonds to a broad range of surfaces—rubber, plastic, metal, wood, fiberglass, and more. (again, please change rubber and plastic for concrete)

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