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*** Detectable Warning Systems ***

SAFTI-TRAX is a unique textured flooring system designed specifically for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirement for a tactile warning system for the blind and visually impaired.
SAFTI-TRAX is a permanent system that is applied directly to clean, dry surfaces without the need of specialized labor or machinery. It is therefore not labor intensive and not costly to apply.
SAFTI-TRAX is available in two parallel systems:


This system incorporates resilient rubber domes. Customer will overcoat rubber domes with the supplied DURABAK 18, a unique one-part, slip-resistant, totally flexible polyurethane safety coating.

Application Instructions


This system consists of 2' x 2' rubber mats, molded with domes. The mats come pre-coated with three coats of DURABAK 18, a unique one-part, slip-resistant, totally flexible polyurethane safety coating. The rubber mat adheres to the surface with a flexible concrete adhesive. The bottom of the mat contains a unique, patent-pending adhesive locking system.

Installation Instructions

Both SAFTI-TRAX SHEETS and SAFTI-TRAX MATS enjoy all the unique characteristics of its major component, DURABAK 18. It is extremely durable, water-resistant, repairable, and anticorrosive. It bonds to concrete, wood, primed or sound-painted metal surfaces, fiberglass, and most other surfaces. SAFTI-TRAX also comes in a wide range of colors.

SAFTI-TRAX SHEETS will conform to any surface irregularity, facilitating a virtually faultless application. SAFTI-TRAX MATS work best on flat surfaces, but will also work on slight surface irregularities, and can easily conform to any shape, simply by cutting it with scissors.

SAFTI-TRAX SHEETS and SAFTI-TRAX MATS are easy to clean and repair.
The total cost per square foot of SAFTI-TRAX SHEETS and SAFTI-TRAX MATS, for materials and labor, is significantly less than other products because of its ease of application. No significant preparation of the surface area is necessary other than proper cleaning.

The following discounts apply to all these products.
At Durabak Depot, the 4th gallon of Durabak ships FREE! Limit one per customer.

Safti-Trax Mats
Safti-Trax Mats

Each order of Safti-Trax Mats comes with the necessary adhesive to lay the mats.
Each mat is 4 square feet (2' x 2') at $17.50/square foot.

Safti-Trax Mats are available in other Durabak18 colors by special order.

Price per 4 sq. ft.: $70.00

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Safti-Trax Sheets
Safti-Trax Sheets

Available in all colors that Durabak 18 textured version is available.
Each sheet is 4 square feet (2' x 2') at $15.50 per square foot.

Each order of Safti-Trax Sheets comes with the following:

-Truncated rubber domes attached to 2' x 2' plastic sheets in A.D.A. specified matrix
-Stipple rollers
-Necessary quantity for 2 coats of Durabak 18 textured version
Price per 4 sq. ft.: $62.00

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